Take Pride in yourself!

Good Afternoon Next Level Family - A note from me to you

We live in a world filled with jealousy and envy. If you’re successful there are people who will put you down, blame your success on external factors and people who will try to discredit you on social media or back your back. And that’s only just because you’re successful. If you dare to celebrate your success or share it with the world the hatred gets even worse. These same people will attack you personally, put you down, and even attack your family. 

My question is when did it stop being okay to be successful? When did it stop being okay to celebrate your success and share it with the world? Especially if it was earned. 

Every bit of success I’ve ever had I’ve earned. I built myself up from nothing, I’ve put in countless hours in the gym, on field, at practice and in the classroom. I’ve suffered injuries and fought my way back every single time, and I’ve fought through personal tragedies and major setbacks. Not once through it all have I ever asked for a handout or felt sorry for myself. Everything I’ve done has been built off my own back, and the support of my team. 

My story isn’t unique either. There are countless tales of perseverance out there. Personally, I want to hear about them and see them flood our social media feed. I want to see people win and accomplish their dreams. These people inspire me and drive me to go further. So please don’t let the haters get you down or dictate what you do. Be proud of your work. Celebrate yourself and your achievements. Pat yourself on the back once in awhile because you deserve it. Hell, I’m even okay with you bragging a little if you’ve worked your ass of for it. You deserve your moment in the sun. 

Finally and perhaps most importantly, take a selfie once in a while. I’m all for it. Flex, smile, and enjoy your shine. It feels great. Try it...

Always here for you,
Michael Greenhouse

Michael Greenhouse