A place to be better.


Next Level Fitness & Training is squeezed in a suburban town just outside the capital of ohio.  Our crew is tightly knit, and equally at home smashing weight on the gym floor, up front at a rock show, and chasing one more rep in a high intense workouts. we welcome all but Access to our facility is granted either by invitation or membership application.

We embrace traditional ideas, and continue to create and implement new ones. We are experienced, creative, inquisitive and experts in our fields. Next Level Fitness & Training is not just your second home but a place to achieve greatness.  Next Level Fitness & Training is housed in a warehouse with  high ceilings, hard floors, and grit. 






Next Level is not a country club, it’s a gym that makes better humans. The training is difficult. There are no shortcuts. Physical and psychological breakdowns occur, but lead to physical and psychological breakthroughs and personal growth. Our culture, dedicated to Self Improvement and growth, is both a safety net and inspiration. Individuals push hard and risk more alongside trustworthy peers. To maintain this spirit, our clients embody a commitment to themselves and each other.  We don’t require a size, shape or athletic ability; we require a work ethic and commitment to improving our culture and community. 

We are selective, not exclusive; all who are willing are welcome.